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Antimony Lead, AMS-7721

Antimony Lead
Antimony Lead rounds 1/4"-6" diameter by lengths of up to 20' is available Antimony Lead flat stock 1/16"-3" thickness, up ...
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Custom Lead Alloy Pours and Custom Mold Fabrication

Custom Lead alloy molds
Mold Fabrication, Castings and Custom Lead Alloy Pours We machine custom lead molds specified by your blueprint or CAD/CAM file, then ...
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Custom Lead Bullets and Metal Bullets

Ammunition metal, bullet metal, lead bullets
Lead Bullets, Lead Alloy bullets and Bullet Rounds Bullet Metal Alloys, Ammunition metal Pure virgin alloys for lead bullets in ...
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Lead Alloys, Virgin Metals and Secondary Smelter

Lead Alloy Pours
Standard & Custom Lead Alloys of: Lead, Copper, Antimony, Tin & Zinc, Bismuth, Kirksite, Aluminum and Lead Pours. All sizes ...
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Lead Anode, Zinc and Non-Ferrous type Anodes

Lead Anode Shapes
Lead, Zinc and all Non-Ferrous type Anodes for Electroplating and Boat Hulls Any shape, configuration, or size - see some ...
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Lead Babbitt, Tin Babbitt, Bearing Metal, Zinc Babbitt

Lead babbitt from Nuclead
Babbitt Metals No. 4 Babbitt – a common hardware grade used for various non-critical, low speed applications Universal Babbitt – ...
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Pig Lead, Caulking Lead, Lead Ingots

Lead caulking, Pig lead
Common items Pure lead pig ingots, approx 60 lb. ingots per ANSI/ASTM-B29 6% antimony lead, approx 25 lb. ingots Caulking ...
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Syntactic Foams, SATB, SADM-1 & SADM-0.5

Syntactic Foams SATB and SADM
Sharp Manufacturing and Nuclead provides Materials, Machining, Fabrication and full Assembly services of; Syntactic Foams, "SATB", "SADM-1" & "SADM-0.5" Materials; ...
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