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Antimony Lead, AMS-7721

Antimony Lead
Antimony Lead rounds 1/4"-6" diameter by lengths of up to 20' is available Antimony Lead flat stock 1/16"-3" thickness, up ...
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Custom Lead Assemblies

Custom Lead Assemblies
Assemblies, Laminating and Lead Lining Nuclead and Sharp Manufacturing provide 100% fabricated assemblies and sub-assemblies. All metal and aluminum products ...
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Lead Alloys, Virgin Metals and Secondary Smelter

Lead Alloy Pours
Standard & Custom Lead Alloys of: Lead, Copper, Antimony, Tin & Zinc, Bismuth, Kirksite, Aluminum and Lead Pours. All sizes ...
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Lead Bar Stock, Lead Rods and Round Lead Products

Nuclead has available lead rounds and lead bar stock
Standard Lead Bar Stock Rounds: 1/16"-6" diameter x 50# length Flats: .047"-1.5" thickness x 50# length Pipe: 3/8"-10" diameter x ...
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Lead Bricks, Lead Blocks & Interlocking X-ray Brick

Lead Bricks, Lead Blocks, X-ray Bricks
Brick/Block – Nuclead can offer any shape or size per customer specifications, including NASCAR racing weights. We can also provide ...
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Lead Doors, Lead Walls and Lead Windows

Standard steel or wooden doors and frames with lead shielding from .002"-.5" thickness as required, with or without lead glass ...
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Lead Glass, X-Ray glass and Lead Acrylic

Lead glass, lead acrylic
Nuclead carries all standard sizes and lead equivalencies of custom lead glass (also known as X-ray glass) and lead acrylic, ...
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Lead pipe, Lead sleeves

Lead pipe, Lead sleeves, Lead slugs, Lead bends, Lead stubs
Also Lead slugs, Lead bends, Lead stubs Standard Lead Pipe 2"-10" diameters up to 10' length (shipped in special container ...
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Lead Plywood & Lead Sheetrock, Seam Filler & Screw Shields

Lead plywood has laminated lead shielding incorporated into the layers to provide radiation protection
Lead Sheet Rock and Lead Plywood We laminate Lead onto Sheet Rock and Plywood for any customer’s individual needs. Nuclead ...
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Lead Safety Products, Lead Safety Clothing & Garments

Lead Aprons, Lead gloves, lead blankets
Lead safety clothing and lead lined fabrics for x-ray shielding and radiation shielding protection. The NCRP has established maximal permissible ...
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Lead Sheet, Lead Plates, Lead Foil, Cadmium Sheet

Lead sheet, lead foil, lead plate
What is Lead Sheet & Lead Plates for noise reduction materials, radiation shielding & x-ray shielding? Also Lead Foil, Cadmium ...
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Lead Wholesalers

Lead Wholesale warehouse
Lead Wholesalers' Warehouse Nuclead is one the leading lead wholesalers in the North Eastern USA. Nuclead has a large in ...
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Lead Wire, Lead Coils, Lead Extrusions, Ribbon & Tape

Lead Wire
Lead Wire Our lead wires are rolled on heavy duty spools or cut to customer specifications. Standard or custom sizes ...
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Lead Wool

Chemical Grade Lead Wool
High quality lead wool in 5-50 lb. waterproof packages (per QQ-C-40) Lead Wool is chemical grade lead, drawn into long ...
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Nuclear Casks Application Information

Nuclear casks can be manufactured by Nuclead
Nuclear casks are heavily lead shielded containers used to store and or ship radioactive materials. Items such as spent nuclear ...
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Pig Lead, Caulking Lead, Lead Ingots

Lead caulking, Pig lead
Common items Pure lead pig ingots, approx 60 lb. ingots per ANSI/ASTM-B29 6% antimony lead, approx 25 lb. ingots Caulking ...
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Radiation Shielding

Radiation Shielding
Radiation shielding for applications including X-ray shielding, MRI shielding, Nuclear shielding and Neutron shielding can provide significant radiation protection for ...
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