lead shielding, lead bricks, lead sheets, lead extrusions, lead bullets, lead based alloys, lead bar stock, lead flashing, lead weights and ingots and other value added full service lead products from Nuclead

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Richard Jaffray.

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Nickel & Exotic Super Alloys

Nickel & exotic alloys

Nuclead carries a wide range of precision alloy materials, from nickel, titanium and stainless steel to exotic alloys.

Contact our office for sizes, shapes and pricing.

Some of the precision alloy metals we carry include:

Nickel Alloys

  • Nickel 200, Nickel 201, Nickel 205, Nickel 223 & Nickel 270
  • Nickel 400, Nickel 404, Nickel 405 & Nickel 500
  • Nickel, Hymu 80, Nickel 600 Ann, Nickel 625 Ann,
  • CUPRO Nickel, Nickel Silver, Silver Nickel
  • Nickel 600, Nickel 601, Nickel 625, Nickel 718 & Nickel 750

Super Alloys

718 SOL TRT, Aermet 100-L-605, Vac Melt X-750, Equalized A-286, 15% Cold-R Alloy Type MP35N, Maraging 300-A-286, 40-50% Cold R-Alloy C 276-MP-159-A-286, 5731 SOL-Alloy X-NI-800HT-A-286 and 5732 Aged-K-500 (SOL ANN)-NI-825

Exotic Alloys

Waspaloy, Invar 36, Inconel, Monel; Kovar 45, Kovar 46, Kovar 4750, Kovar 48, Kovar 49, Kovar 53 Alloys; OFHC Copper Alloys 101, OFHC Copper Alloys 102, Phosphor Bronze, 260 Brass, Chromel, Alumel, Constantan, 42 Alloy, Alloy 49, Hymu 80, Mumetal 2, Molybdenum, Titanium, Tantalum and Tungsten

Aircraft Alloys

4130 HT, 4130 Norm, 4140 Ann, 4140 Norm, 4330 Mod VM N&T, 4340 Mod VM N&T, 4340 Mod 300M VM N&T, 4340 N&T, 4330 Vac Melt N&T, 4620 as rolled, 4620 VM, 52100 VM SPH Ann, 6150 VM Ann, 8740 Ann, 9-4-30 Vac Melt N&T, 9310 N&T, 9310 Van Melt N&T, D-6 AC Vac Melt Ann, Hy-Tuff N&T Nitriding VM N&T, Vacuum Hy-Tuff N&SCA and Nitriding HT

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