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Metals Analysis; non destructive testing

Metals analysis system has many applications

Photos courtesy of Thermo Fisher Scientific, the copyright holder

Nuclead offers NDT analysis of precious metals and other metals.

Nuclead’s handheld non destructive testing mobile Thermo Scientific portable XRF analyzer provides accurate, reliable elemental analysis of any sample. Among the types of analysis that we can perform are following.

  • Metal alloy analysis
  • Scrap metal sorting & recycling
  • Positive material identification (PMI)
  • Toy lead testing
  • Precious metals & jewelry analysis
  • Cadmium & lead testing in jewelry
  • QA/QC in the manufacturing environment
  • Mining & exploration
  • Analysis of soils & sediments
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Elemental drywall testing & screening
  • Lead paint testing
  • Archaeometry & Art testing

Metals analysis software and dataOur Fast, precise and lightweight XRF analyzer gives nondestructive reliable results that are available quickly saving significant expense in comparison to traditional lab testing.

Our XRF tester provides an analytical range from magnesium through the transuranic elements, with superior detection limits and shorter measurement times providing a quick turn around and accurate results for customers around the world.

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