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Antimony Lead, AMS-7721

Antimony Lead
Antimony Lead rounds 1/4"-6" diameter by lengths of up to 20' is available Antimony Lead flat stock 1/16"-3" thickness, up ...
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Lead Alloys, Virgin Metals and Secondary Smelter

Lead Alloy Pours
Standard & Custom Lead Alloys of: Lead, Copper, Antimony, Tin & Zinc, Bismuth, Kirksite, Aluminum and Lead Pours. All sizes ...
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Lead Anode, Zinc and Non-Ferrous type Anodes

Lead Anode Shapes
Lead, Zinc and all Non-Ferrous type Anodes for Electroplating and Boat Hulls Any shape, configuration, or size - see some ...
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Lead Babbitt, Tin Babbitt, Bearing Metal, Zinc Babbitt

Lead babbitt from Nuclead
Babbitt Metals No. 4 Babbitt – a common hardware grade used for various non-critical, low speed applications Universal Babbitt – ...
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Lead Ballast

Lead caulking, Pig lead
All sizes, form factor and weight of lead ballast up to 40,000 lbs. (up to 100,000 lbs. for special pours) in ...
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Lead Bar Stock, Lead Rods and Round Lead Products

Nuclead has available lead rounds and lead bar stock
Standard Lead Bar Stock Rounds: 1/16"-6" diameter x 50# length Flats: .047"-1.5" thickness x 50# length Pipe: 3/8"-10" diameter x ...
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Lead Bricks, Lead Blocks & Interlocking X-ray Brick

Lead Bricks, Lead Blocks, X-ray Bricks
Brick/Block – Nuclead can offer any shape or size per customer specifications, including NASCAR racing weights. We can also provide ...
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Lead Nuts and Lead Threaded Rod

Lead nuts, Leaded Lead
Standard Lead Nuts 1/4"-6" inside diameter, widths up to 12". Any pitch required. Lead Threaded Rod 1/4"-6" outside diameter, lengths ...
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Lead pipe, Lead sleeves

Lead pipe, Lead sleeves, Lead slugs, Lead bends, Lead stubs
Also Lead slugs, Lead bends, Lead stubs Standard Lead Pipe 2"-10" diameters up to 10' length (shipped in special container ...
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Lead Sheet, Lead Plates, Lead Foil, Cadmium Sheet

Lead sheet, lead foil, lead plate
What is Lead Sheet & Lead Plates for noise reduction materials, radiation shielding & x-ray shielding? Also Lead Foil, Cadmium ...
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Lead Shielding

Lead shielding
What is lead shielding? Lead shielding is used for radiation shielding, gamma ray shielding and x-ray shielding There are several ...
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Lead Shot, Lead Bullet Alloys

Lead Shot
Shot Types Lead Shot, Ammunition Metal, Leadshot (10-25 lb. bags, special orders to 40,000 lbs.) Chilled: #12 (.050"), #11 (.060"), ...
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Lead Washers, Lead Seals, Lead Shims & Lead Spacers

Lead Washers, Lead Spacers
Standard and special grade of lead washer, lead seal, lead shim and lead spacer are available. Call for quote for ...
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Lead Weights, Lead Billets & Lead Ingots

Lead Weights, Lead Billets & Lead Ingots
Lead weights in all sizes and weight up to 40,000 lbs. (special pours up to 100,000 lbs.) in any material ...
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Lead Wholesalers

Lead Wholesale warehouse
Lead Wholesalers' Warehouse Nuclead is one the leading lead wholesalers in the North Eastern USA. Nuclead has a large in ...
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Lead Wool

Chemical Grade Lead Wool
High quality lead wool in 5-50 lb. waterproof packages (per QQ-C-40) Lead Wool is chemical grade lead, drawn into long ...
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Pig Lead, Caulking Lead, Lead Ingots

Lead caulking, Pig lead
Common items Pure lead pig ingots, approx 60 lb. ingots per ANSI/ASTM-B29 6% antimony lead, approx 25 lb. ingots Caulking ...
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Powdered Lead, Powdered Red Lead, Powdered White Lead, Granular (Granulated) Lead and Litharge Lead

Powdered lead, litharge lead, granular lead
All common mesh sizes and grades of powdered lead, powdered Red Lead and powdered white Lead are available. From 100 ...
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Radiation Shielding

Radiation Shielding
Radiation shielding for applications including X-ray shielding, MRI shielding, Nuclear shielding and Neutron shielding can provide significant radiation protection for ...
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We Buy and Sell Scrap Lead and Recycle Lead

Scrap Lead, recycled lead
Nuclead will sell and buy any clean lead. For information on the factors affecting scrap lead prices please click here ...
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Nuclead and its predecessor have provided quality raw lead materials and finished goods since the turn of the 20th century.

Over 100 years of reliable service, backed by a large inventory of in-stock materials available for worldwide delivery makes us your best source for lead products.

With the expertise of both Nuclead and Sharp Manufacturing at your disposal, you are assured of getting the right material in the right configuration. Whether you need lead for radiation shielding or construction, or parts custom machined to aerospace tolerances, no order is too small – or too big – for us to fill! Call our offices at (508) 583-2699 today for more information, and a custom quote.

We also provide custom lead services.

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