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Syntactic Foams, SATB, SADM-1 & SADM-0.5 Materials

Syntactic Foams - Underwater Acoustic and Underwater Buoyancy requirements.

Sharp Manufacturing and Nuclead provides Materials, Machining, Fabrication and full Assembly services of; Syntactic Foams, “SATB”, “SADM-1” & “SADM-0.5” Materials; for all your Underwater Acoustic and Underwater Buoyancy requirements.

These Syntactic materials, known as the SADM and the SATB families of syntactic foams, have repeatedly shown high levels of echo reduction and insertion loss over the 10 KHz – 100 KHz range, both at ambient pressure and at operating depth.

The -1 series for broadband attenuation and -0.5 series for improved performance at higher frequencies (above 30 KHz). These materials have been found to be extremely effective in a number of underwater acoustic applications. SADM has been used extensively as an anechoic acoustic test tank lining. SATB is designed for use as a transducer isolation mounting material.

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